Honest, acoustic music from North Florida.
Andrew Vinson is a singer/songwriter from Tallahassee, Florida. He is currently traveling and playing shows while living full-time in his RV with his son, Dustin Cash, and his wife, Bethany. Andrew has spent the better part of the past decade playing rock n roll in various bands from Tallahassee, touring and making records. He is finally setting out on the new adventure of playing solo. He believes in working hard and actively pursuing your dreams. His debut EP which was recorded at Earthsound Recording (Against Me!, From First to Last, Mayday Parade) is coming out April 29th! Look for him and his traveling family coming to a town near you soon!

End of Tour and 2 weeks in Colorado update! 

So Tours a wrap and iv been working in Colorado for two weeks now! The tour went well, had a couple shows that were duds but the majority were really great.
Since iv gotten to Denver iv been working three days a week with my good buddy Mason which has been awesome. On the other days we hang out around the campground, cleaning, hiking, hitting the laundry mat,  writing some new songs, and just chillin! This weekend we have headed west into the mountains and the drive out here was amazing. Hanging out in the mountains till sunday night when we drive down to Colorado Springs and I'm playing another show at the Triple Nick Tavern!
Heres a butt ton of photos! sorry for the long gap in-between updates!

Also if you havin't seen I'm doing another short tour in June! ill have more info on it posted soon!


                                              (Triple Nickel Tavern Colorado Springs show)
                                               (Taking a look around Red Rocks)

                                              (Lookout Mountain)
                                              (Coors Brewery)

                                              (Getting ready to take a dip at Soda Lake)                                          
                                              (Hanging at our campsite at Bear Creak Lake Park)
                                              (Morning hike to the top of Dinosaur Ridge!)
                                              (You can see our tiny RV at the bottom)
                                               (Finally headed deep into the mountains! Boondocked in the White River National Forest)

Tour update number dos! 

Currently sitting at a bar called The Fur shop in Tulsa Oklahoma hoping some people show up to drink at this bar because it's just me and the bartender. The local dropped off day before and this is the second show in a row that that's happened. I've been trying to decide how honest to be about how this trips going so here it is. Its been miserable! And that's due to a myriad of factors. First off being that I am a mess and have been for a while and the road just seams to magnify the fact that my life is not put together at all. All my Instagram photos might tell a different story but don't believe that bullshit. I am either up or down, the world is a bright place full of opportunity and adventure or it's a meaningless black hole filled with people waiting to die. Also traveling with a one year old kid isn't for the faint of heart.  

(alright so now its the next morning, i played the show and a couple people showed up for the show! I drove to the hotel (yes we got our first hotel of the trip and its glorious) with the intent to finish this blog but it wasn’t happening so now I’m watching dustin pull every cleanex out of its box while i write the rest of this blog.) 

If you’v ever wondered what it would be like to own a small winnebago and travel the usa with your wife and baby these are the things that will happen often, you will hit your head on cabinet doors, you will rip vents off the top of your rv because you drive under low hanging limbs in the Taco Bell parking lot, you will lose your cool and argue with your wife about how you think she’s driving too fast down this mountain and that if she was in the back getting tossed around like a cow in a tornado she might feel the same, and your baby will scream until you think youv lost the little sanity you had before this whole thing started. 

With all that said there have been a few moments on this trip where you think it might all be worth it, just maybe. so with all that said i am glad we are on the road, and It is fun, just really really hard most of the time. heres some photos from the past couple days! we hiked to a badass waterfall on Oak Mountain and swam at Lee Creek in Arkansas, which were both rad! I’m not going to post a lot of photos because Bethany just put her first blog up and she’s got most of the good shots on there! so go check out her blog! 

Heres the link to said blog! 



Tour update! 

The road has been good so far! We did get in a small wreck in Montgomery but the damage was only cosmetic thankfully and the truck is still running great, bummed that the rv got banged up but thankful it wasn't worse! The first two shows of the tour were great and today is an off day and we are staying at Oak Mountain State park! Its a bit of an adjustment living on the road especially when you get to a city and you have to kill 5 or more hours before a show, it can get really boring and miserable fast if you don't plan ahead and schedule your day out. Its easy to end up sitting in a walmart parking lot wishing you weren't alive. Ill be playing at The Buccaneer Saloon in Memphis TN tomorrow and hanging out in Birmingham before hand! Heres some photos from the road! 

The Buckrabbits killing it at Head on The Door in Montgomery!
(the rv is looking a little more rugged post wreck! Just adds character.)

Goodbye Tally Tour Announcement! 

My family and I will be hitting the road this May touring out to Denver Colorado! You can check out the dates too see if we're coming to a city near you! Also I will be releasing the first song off my new EP in the upcoming week so stay tuned for that!

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